The Story

The project pig-vision has been following the existence of two pigs for seven months. They were two brothers, who couldn’t have led more different lives. If you aren’t yet familiar with the story of PIG-VISION, the following sample of videos will give you an overview about the two piglet’s first months, showing the stark contrast of their lives at different moments.

X15 – pig in mast Jackpot (X11) – the saved one
June 26th 2009: Birth of both piglets (and their siblings).
June 27th 2009: the piglets are only a couple of hours old
June 30th 2009: X15 is being castrated in a roughshod way without any form of painrelief – Jackpot will undergo the procedure in a veterinary clinic under anaesthesia a month later
July 22nd 2009: Their lives part: after being separated from their mother, X15 comes to the so-called “piglets’ breeding”, while Jackpot moves to an animal sanctuary.
X15 and Jackpot at the age of 4 weeks.
August 26th 2009: Already their lives couldn’t be more different
September 10th 2009: X15 has come from breeding to mast.
Jackpot, on the other hand, moves freely about, discovering his new territory
September 15th 2009: That’s the way their respective lives look now, and not much will change until January
January 28th 2010: X15 is killed – Jackpot goes on living a life amongst friends

And finally, here are 10 random snapshots taken during these seven month (they will change every time you visit this site)

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