At the end of January 2010 a pig died in an Austrian slaughterhouse. This pig was no ordinary pig, he was called X15. And although he shared the same fate as around 15,400 other pigs per day in Austria alone, X15 was different: Not only was his slaughter witnessed by a documentary team, he was also accompanied throughout his entire life as a farm animal in the service of humans by a film camera, documenting his story.

X15, the PIG-VISION piglet – One month old.

X15, the PIG-VISION piglet – One month old.

The pictures telling the story of his life were presented step by step, almost in real time, on this very website. People had a chance to see for themselves what really happens behind the firmly closed doors of industrial pig farms and slaughterhouses and witness over seven and a half months of what life is really like for a pig in one of these pig farms.

As well as telling X15′s story, we also followed the life of Jackpot, one of X15′s brothers who was taken as a piglet from the same litter, born in the same pig farm but to live a very different life, an idyllic life if you will, at an animal sanctuary.


This project, with the cooperation and permission of all those involved (the vet, the pig farmer, the slaughterhouse worker etc.) has accumulated extensive film material, allowing us a true and accurate picture of the merciless day-to-day practices carried out in animal farming. At the same time we present an alternative: what it’s like to let an animal live – to have their own free will.

The blog format used during the project was ideal to keep people up to date with what was happening with X15 and his brother Jackpot at every step of the journey.

To get the most out of the project now that it’s concluded, we have invested many hours into making a 15-minute film which includes the most significant and relevant parts of all the Pig-Vision video footage we collected.

Pig-Vision – The Journey of two Brothers

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