The mast in sight of industrial keeping of animals

The last period in life of X15 has began. His weight is about 32 kg and starting from now he is a fattener. Fatteners are pigs which are used for slaughter in the age of 10 weeks up to the slaughter. The difference between open and closed business we will explain in the following. In […]

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The first contact

Jackpot was left to the other adult pigs at Schabenreith for the first time. Here you can watch how he makes friends. Further pictures in this series you can find as usual on Flickr.

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One small ball against boredom – life in the pig pen

X15 is now in a pen with his siblings. Piglets are brought here when they are three or four weeks old. They are taken away from their mother and live in a group with no contact to older pigs. They mostly live on slatted floors. Piglets live in these usually bare pens which are, in […]

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Also X15 has moved – to the farrow-breeding

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Differences after the separation

People are already asking about X15 and how he is. The following pictures show X15 and how differently the two piglets now live. You’ll be able to watch the next film of X15 next Tuesday You can see all the other pictures of how the two are living in the “after the move” album on […]

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The piglets are getting more independent

Aged three weeks, X15, X11 and their siblings are drinking from a water dispenser fixed in the wall. They are trying the food from time to time as well . But they still suckle. This piglet is curious about what is being held in the stall and show interest in the camera.

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X11 and X15 have to learn how to live without their mother

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The little piglets are now labelled

To identify who is X11 and who is X15 on the pictures, they are now labeled. They wear tiny collars – actually made for cats – which suit our piglets as well. X15 is blue and X11 is red.

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The castration without local anesthetics – for livestock industry purposes

X15 and his siblings aged 4 days on Tuesday. The farmer and his wife are preparing for the so called “piglet-service”. The “piglet service” usually includes the castration of male piglets, injection with an iron-supplement, teeth clipping as well as tail docking.The farmer is allowed to carry out these surgeries himself if the piglets aged […]

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X11 and X15’s first few days

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