The lives of the Pig-Vision pigs – a review

The Pig-Vision project has observed the lives of two pigs for seven months. Two brothers, whose lives could not have been more different. If you are still wondering exactly what this project is all about, then this article will help you to understand. With this comparative video line-up we want to provide a retrospective overview […]

Jackpot is free to live!

In contrast to X15, who had to die because people want to eat him, Jackpot is allowed to live on in the animal shelter of Schabenreith. Watch an up-to-date video of lucky Jackpot.

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From mast into the truck

Before pigs can be transported and slaughtered afterwards, they have to be chased from the cove, where they have been fattened, to the truck. In this manner it was necessary to „assist“ X15 too.

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Pneumonia in pig fattening

One of the most common germs leading to diseases of the lung in pigs, is Actinobacillus pleuropneumonie (APP). This germ is widely spread in the world and can mainly be found in countries with intensive pig breeding and fattening. APP is transmitted via air as well as through direct contact. Infection in animals happens by […]

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X15 and his brothers and sisters shortly before slaughtering

We visited X15 once again, before he will be killed in three days. His daily routine in the mast is the same as usual: feeding, chinky floor and no possibility to spend time outside.

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Jackpot is feeling well also in winter!

Even in the snowy, cold winter Jackpot, who by now is seven months old, has a wonderful time! With his 96 kg (his brother X15 will be killed next week with 120 kg and turned into sausage) rollicks outside – and also helps himself with food from the horses once in a while…

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In piggery for 5 months

Five months ago X15 has be born and leads now a life millions of other pigs have to live as well. On a chinky floor above their own excrement, with way too little space, no exercise outside and wrong size of the group of pigs. That´s at least how many animal welfare activists see the […]

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The ordinary keeping of pigs is not appropriate

The following is a very short summary of the interview I had with professor Johannes Baumgartner. He is an absolute specialist concerning the holding of pigs. Professor Baumgartner is the leader of the working group “pigs” of institution for animal holding and animal protection on the university of veterinary medicine in Vienna. He explains in […]

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How does the rearing of pigs look like?

More pictures on Flickr.

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Jackpot is visibly happy

As you can see in the following pictures, Jackpot has settled into his new home. He is eating well and getting to know his new environment. Today we were with him in his stable. But see for yourself! As always, there are more pictures on Flickr.

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