The lives of the Pig-Vision pigs – a review

The Pig-Vision project has observed the lives of two pigs for seven months. Two brothers, whose lives could not have been more different. If you are still wondering exactly what this project is all about, then this article will help you to understand. With this comparative video line-up we want to provide a retrospective overview […]

X15 and his brothers and sisters shortly before slaughtering

We visited X15 once again, before he will be killed in three days. His daily routine in the mast is the same as usual: feeding, chinky floor and no possibility to spend time outside.

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The rearing in the view of animal protection

If piglets are in freedom, they are 4 months next to their mother. First abroad the group and afterwards in a group, there exists an intimate connection between mother and children. Piglets learn much from their mother and being social. It is not the same if pigs are kept in an intensive holding. Right after […]

Interview with “Menschen für Tierrechte” (People for Animal Rights)

Robert Kresse of pig-vision interviewed Marion Selig, veterinarian and deputy chairwoman of the association Menschen für Tierrechte (MfT) about pig breeding.

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In piggery for 5 months

Five months ago X15 has be born and leads now a life millions of other pigs have to live as well. On a chinky floor above their own excrement, with way too little space, no exercise outside and wrong size of the group of pigs. That´s at least how many animal welfare activists see the […]

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Here „slaughter“, there „cruel murder“

Today Bernhard Vock, Congressman of parliament and speaker of animal protection of FPÖ, will speak out on the holding of pigs in Austria, on problems concerning animal protection. Furthermore he gives reasons for calling the pig-slaughter en masse in Egypt “cruel murder”. DISCLAIMER: PIG-VISION is a controversial project. We want to show consumers the dimension […]

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The ordinary keeping of pigs is not appropriate

The following is a very short summary of the interview I had with professor Johannes Baumgartner. He is an absolute specialist concerning the holding of pigs. Professor Baumgartner is the leader of the working group “pigs” of institution for animal holding and animal protection on the university of veterinary medicine in Vienna. He explains in […]

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How does the rearing of pigs look like?

More pictures on Flickr.

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Feed, feed, feed,…

… this is the motto of X15 an the other pigs, which are in the mast already for some days now. The four to five months, which it takes to fatten an average pig in Austria, mean to gain weight from something over 30 kg to about 110 kg.

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„Many drugs are used in during the weaning“

The scientific consultant of the animal rights network PETA, Dr. Edmund Haferbeck comments on weaning. In the interview we talked about fattening, the different types of animal husbandry and the high usage of drugs in industrialized animal use.

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