Pneumonia in pig fattening

One of the most common germs leading to diseases of the lung in pigs, is Actinobacillus pleuropneumonie (APP). This germ is widely spread in the world and can mainly be found in countries with intensive pig breeding and fattening. APP is transmitted via air as well as through direct contact. Infection in animals happens by […]

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Runout into freedom and lower stocking rates

We demonstrate the life of two pigs. Furthermore we give facts and therefore we have spoken another time with a scientist. Dr. Werner Hagmüller works in the Institut für Biologische Landwirtschaft und Biodiversität der Nutztiere of LFZ Raumberg-Gumpenstein and deals with problems of animal health in biological factories. His special field is the “pig” and […]

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The ordinary keeping of pigs is not appropriate

The following is a very short summary of the interview I had with professor Johannes Baumgartner. He is an absolute specialist concerning the holding of pigs. Professor Baumgartner is the leader of the working group “pigs” of institution for animal holding and animal protection on the university of veterinary medicine in Vienna. He explains in […]

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