The future of pig-vision is unknown.

With collywobbles we write the following words to our readers. And what we have to say hurts quite a bit. The reason is, that we just compared the sub-ordinate targets of the campaign “pig-vision”, which we intended to reach, with the actual results. The outcome is disillusioning and disappointing: reduced numbers of access and decreasing […]

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What Cats think about Pigs

Hello, I’m Antonella. For those of you who don’t know: Doris and Harald are under the impression that they are the bosses round here. The pigs think they are (the real pigs, not Doris and Harald!) and even Bruno the donkey sees himself as boss. But it’s not true, any of it: I’m the boss […]

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Austrian media reports on

In the last few days we have given two interviews – one for the Kronen newspaper and the other for Hitradio Ö3. The article in the Kronen from 15th August 2009 read as follows: Giant pig on the Linzer Landstraße – Animal campaigners like student Lisa Pfleger (20) from Linz hope that the giant pig […]

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pig-vison on tour

The campaign “pig-vision” started by United Creatures, gets much encouragement in the internet – and leads to stimulated discussions. Now the associoation of pig friends from Switzerland has got in touch with us. They want to support us to call attention for the  daily suffering of the pigs. That’s why they offered us to borrow […]

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Comments to Pig-Vision

We have been online now for more than a month. This week our piglets are due to be born and life for X11 and X15 will begin. We will give you progress reports on them regularly and accompany them until X15 makes the journey that every animal that ends up on our plate takes. Here is […]

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