The life of X11 and X15 begins

On 26th of June, early in the morning, nine piglets were born . Yesterday the first pictures were shown, now we display an extract of the videos. We will accompany two of them intensively. We call them X11 and X15 – both siblings, just been born. X15 will spend his life in a common Austrian […]

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What does VGT say to Pig Farming?

In this first video-interview, Elisabeth Sablik from VGT tells us how pig farming operates, and what improvements could be made. (Only available in German.) Looking for more videos. Check out our: YouTube-Channel.

Another way of looking at it

When a pig’s life is not totally mechanised to meet the ends of mass production, he or she lives in close-knit groups where the main female has the say. Male pigs usually live as loners after their puberty. When they have proved themselves to their adversaries they gain access to females. The females however, are […]

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X15 is alive – a industrialised procedure

X15 is a male piglet. His existence began on 2.3.09 as his mother was artificially inseminated. In pig breeding farms sows are used as reproductive machines. Their natural cycles are controlled on mass by hormone injection which ensure the timing of their fertility and which are used as little as 4 to 7 days after her […]

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Making Pigs Pregnant

Around four months before piglets are to be born, a sow is made pregnant. What a boar used to do is done today by a pig breeder himself. Artificial insemination is done by using sperm from a special breeding unit. This means that the mother of X11 and X15, the two pigs, whose lives we will be […]

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The Birth

Pig-Vision will be following a pig throughout his life in a typical intensive pig farm. This includes, of course, the birth. Therefore our camera team will be there to film as life begins for a small group of pigs. What is the birth like? And how does a sow actually become pregnant? To find out […]

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