X15 transferred from weaning to rearing

After the first three to four weeks with their mother, the pigs stay for two more months in the so called weaning. After that they are transferred to rearing and determined to be carried to the slaughterhouse and finally slaughtered four to five months later.

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Our campaign is already being supported by a big number of people. Thank you to all of them! Nina Georgiev is one of our supporters and as a cartoonist has sent us this comic strip for pig-vision: 1. Naturally…we are peaceful creatures 2. Not locked up 3. And naturally….people don’t eat meat Become a  part […]

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Pamela Anderson Supports our Campaign

This weekend, the Lifeball 2009 took place in Vienna. One of the countless celebrity guests was Pamela Anderson. The US actress is best known for her roll in the Baywatch TV series, but also increasingly for her campaigning on behalf of animals. As part of her visit, Pamela Anderson spoke with UNITED CREATURES founder Thomas Winger about PIG-VISION, the new […]

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The Fattening

The longest part of a pig’s life is spent just eating and growing. These highly sensitive creatures are unable to do much more in such an environment. Digging up roots, exploring or just wallowing – none of this is possible in modern intensive pig farms. It would in fact be normal behaviour for pigs – […]

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