How we experienced slaughter

The unpleasant cold and dark of an early winter morning await us as we leave the house. It is January 28th 2010 and we are on our way to document X15 on his final parade – to the slaughtering block. With a queasy feeling in our stomachs we get into the car and set off. […]

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Slaughter of X15

The pictures on this video are neither nice nor enjoyable. They depict the slaughter of a pig. One hundred percent legal – one hundred percent “normal”. Every day countless pigs worldwide are killed in this, or even more cruel ways. This pig is X15, the pig that was accompanied by camera and documented for seven […]

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X15’s final parade

The final parade of X15 was his journey to the slaughtering block. Experienced hands kill and dismantle what was once his body. And all this only because humans like to eat meat. Habit? Necessity? Or can it be changed? You tell us.

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The ordinary keeping of pigs is not appropriate

The following is a very short summary of the interview I had with professor Johannes Baumgartner. He is an absolute specialist concerning the holding of pigs. Professor Baumgartner is the leader of the working group “pigs” of institution for animal holding and animal protection on the university of veterinary medicine in Vienna. He explains in […]

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We have bits cut off us…

1. We have bits cut off us…teeth…and… 2. Without teeth we can’t injure each other when we lose our minds 3. But, what good it does, I don’t know, because I end up looking like this anyway A comic by Nina Georgiev

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The castration without local anesthetics – for animal rights activists purposes

The piglets aged only a few days when they are caught by the pig-breeders. They try to run away but the experienced human hands get them quickly. That they fearfully cry for help doesn’t let them off the hook in the industrial husbandry. One person holds the piglet so that it isn’t able to defend […]

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X15 is castrated without anaesthetic – a “normal” procedure in pig farming

On the morning of 30 June 2009 the piglet X15, whose life we will be accompanying, was castrated without any anaesthetic. Unfortunately this is usual practice. 250.000 piglets are castrated in the EU every day. In almost every case, no anaesthetic is used! The castration causes not only acute, but also chronic pain. This is […]

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