The Pig-Vision campaign, which is also supported by Pamela Anderson, is intended to show you what life is typically like for pigs today in intensive farming by introducing you to two piglets. Why? Campaigners for animal rights are always saying the treatment of pigs is so abhorrent. On the other hand, the industry claims that conditions are in fact quite acceptable and in accordance with animal welfare standards. So who is right?

Decide for yourself! And so we thought: let’s simply document the lives of two little pigs. Both of their lives begin in exactly the same way. However, after a short time with their mother, they are both sent on their separate ways. One of the piglets is allowed to enjoy his life in freedom; whilst the other must experience his entire life as a intensively farmed pig. Throughout the campaign we will continually give both the intensive farming industry and animal campaigners the opportunity to present their case. This will help you to form an opinion based on all the facts. We will be using videosphotos and illustrations to convey what life is like for the two piglets.

In this video Thomas Winger from UNITED CREATURES is describing the Pig-Vision campaign:

May we introduce: X 11 and X 15 – those are the names of the little piglets.

Join us live as we follow their journey through intensive farming!