X15 transferred from weaning to rearing

After the first three to four weeks with their mother, the pigs stay for two more months in the so called weaning. After that they are transferred to rearing and determined to be carried to the slaughterhouse and finally slaughtered four to five months later.

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One small ball against boredom – life in the pig pen

X15 is now in a pen with his siblings. Piglets are brought here when they are three or four weeks old. They are taken away from their mother and live in a group with no contact to older pigs. They mostly live on slatted floors. Piglets live in these usually bare pens which are, in […]

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Mother and child

A Comic of Nina Georgiev

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Weaning news

Again we visited X15 during the weaning. As you can see he already has grown quite a bit. More pictures you can find in the associated album on Flickr. Connect with our account on Flickr and find out first if there are new pictures online. Become a contact in the network of pig-vision.

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New pictures of the life of X15

X15 by now is living in a captive breeding for piglets, together with his brothers and sisters. Once again we´ll show you new pictures of his life there. More pictures you can find in the associated album on Flickr.

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Also X15 has moved – to the farrow-breeding

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Differences after the separation

People are already asking about X15 and how he is. The following pictures show X15 and how differently the two piglets now live. You’ll be able to watch the next film of X15 next Tuesday You can see all the other pictures of how the two are living in the “after the move” album on […]

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Young Pigs Video

What will life be like for X15? In around three weeks we will start to find out, when our two piglets are born. Until then, we bring you images of what it’s like in another typical Austrian pig farm.

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The Rearing

Piglets spend the first few weeks of their lives with their mother, but she is imprisoned in a so-called “farrowing crate”. This is a kind of cage which is just big enough for her to take a few paces backwards and forwards, whilst turning around is practically impossible. As a result she is unable to […]

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