The lives of the Pig-Vision pigs – a review

The Pig-Vision project has observed the lives of two pigs for seven months. Two brothers, whose lives could not have been more different. If you are still wondering exactly what this project is all about, then this article will help you to understand. With this comparative video line-up we want to provide a retrospective overview […]

How we experienced slaughter

The unpleasant cold and dark of an early winter morning await us as we leave the house. It is January 28th 2010 and we are on our way to document X15 on his final parade – to the slaughtering block. With a queasy feeling in our stomachs we get into the car and set off. […]

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X15 is dead

X15 is dead. His death was like his short life: brutal, torturous and grim. A wave of emotions take over if you watch the last images of his life – anger, powerlessness, pain and even shame to live in such a society where everything that has been documented here is accepted as “normal”, as part […]

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Pig-vision and X15

Our project has arrived at halftime – four months ago X15 and JACKPOT were born, in three months the live of pigs in our society will be over. This is a good chance to make a review, a view to our motivation starting the project and you, the determiners. The theme is very emotional and […]

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Pig-vision on the Green Day of Animal Protection

On Saturday, the 17th october 2009, the Ottakringer Greens have hold a Day of Animal Protection with the theme pig breeding in Austria. From 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. there was an info-table on the market place. Our short movie about pig-vision was shown here, too. Experts of politics, of animal protection and of praxis […]

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The future of pig-vision is unknown.

With collywobbles we write the following words to our readers. And what we have to say hurts quite a bit. The reason is, that we just compared the sub-ordinate targets of the campaign “pig-vision”, which we intended to reach, with the actual results. The outcome is disillusioning and disappointing: reduced numbers of access and decreasing […]

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Austrian media reports on

In the last few days we have given two interviews – one for the Kronen newspaper and the other for Hitradio Ö3. The article in the Kronen from 15th August 2009 read as follows: Giant pig on the Linzer Landstraße – Animal campaigners like student Lisa Pfleger (20) from Linz hope that the giant pig […]

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Bad news about YouTube

On Tuesday 11th August 2009 we received an email from YouTube saying that our video showing the castration of piglets without anaesthetic had been deactivated because it didn’t comply with the YouTube community guidelines. We could only find one guideline that could lead to a video being deactivated: Don’t post videos showing bad stuff like […]

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Survey: Decide what X11 should be called

As promised, from today you can take part in the decision about the name for X11. We’ve spoken to the people at the sanctuary and they’ve told us that X11 is very active and alert. Therefore, the following five names have been chosen for the short list. You’ve got until Thursday 12.00 to get your […]

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A name for X11

Since yesterday you’ve been able to watch X11’s move from the factory farm to the “Animal Paradise” sanctuary on Now that he’s away from the meat industry we can think about a name for our young friend! We would just like to mention that X11 is a boy. These are the suggestions so far: […]

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