Pig-vision – Life of pigs

For everybody, who just now found out about the project and would like to have an overview and for everybody, who are seeking for a video to forward and recommend, this short video summarises the campaign of pi-vision. Originally it was made for an animal welfare event of the green party; now this short film […]

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The piglets are getting more independent

Aged three weeks, X15, X11 and their siblings are drinking from a water dispenser fixed in the wall. They are trying the food from time to time as well . But they still suckle. This piglet is curious about what is being held in the stall and show interest in the camera.

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X11 and X15 have to learn how to live without their mother

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The little piglets are now labelled

To identify who is X11 and who is X15 on the pictures, they are now labeled. They wear tiny collars – actually made for cats – which suit our piglets as well. X15 is blue and X11 is red.

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X11 and X15’s first few days

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The birth – for animal rights activists purposes

A week before giving birth, the mother of X15 and X11 was moved to a farrowing crate, which is a metal cage hardly any bigger than her own body. It measures 65 cm in width and 190 cm in length. Trapped in this prison, she will give birth to her piglets onto bare concrete floor, […]

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The birth – for livestock purposes

On the documented farm, the mother of X15, as well as her fellow sows have been kept in groups for 4 weeks after having been made pregnant. This form of animal husbandry ended one week before the due date. Farms with less than 10 sows are allowed to keep the expectant mothers separated from each […]

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More piglet pictures

The pictures of the young piglets, haven’t even been online for 2 days yet, and already they’ve had more than 200 visitors! on Flickr….So, here’s another 10 pictures. You will find more pictures of the new-born piglets on Flickr.

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The life of X11 and X15 begins

On 26th of June, early in the morning, nine piglets were born . Yesterday the first pictures were shown, now we display an extract of the videos. We will accompany two of them intensively. We call them X11 and X15 – both siblings, just been born. X15 will spend his life in a common Austrian […]

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The piglets were born!

The piglets were born this morning. Here are the first photos of the nine siblings: You can see more photos of the new arrivals in our Flickr site album “The first weeks”.

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