The lives of the Pig-Vision pigs – a review

The Pig-Vision project has observed the lives of two pigs for seven months. Two brothers, whose lives could not have been more different. If you are still wondering exactly what this project is all about, then this article will help you to understand.

With this comparative video line-up we want to provide a retrospective overview of the lives of the two pigs we observed. For this reason, we are presenting the most important milestones in both of their lives through a small fraction of the videos made.

X15 – the one that is fattened to be eaten Jackpot (X11) – the rescued one

26 June, 2009: The birth of both piglets (and their siblings).

27 June, 2009: The piglets are just a few hours old

30 June, 2009: X15 is castrated without any anaesthetic –
Jackpot will be castrated one month later under anesthetic

22 July, 2009: Both piglets are separated from their mother
X15 arrives at a so-called “rearing section” for piglets , Jackpot is moved to the animal sanctuary

X15 and Jackpot at 4 weeks old

26 August, 2009: The lives of the two could already not be more different.

10 September, 2009: X15 is brought from the rearing section to the fattening section..
Jackpot, on the other hand, can move about as freely as he so wishes

15 September, 2009: That is life for the two pigs up until now, nor will this change until the end of January

28 January, 2010: X15 is killed – whilst Jackpot is free to live on

And now, finally, here are 10 randomly selected pictures from the last seven months (different pictures will appear every time you load this page)

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