Interview with the butcher who killed X15

Last Thursday X15, the pig we accompanied video-taping, was killed. In Austria this happens more than 20.000 times per day, in Germany more than 200.000 times and worldwide it happens the incredible number of 5 million times PER DAY!

We were interested in what the particular person feels and thinks by slaughtering and how somebody can kill a living creature anyway.

pig-vision: What do you think, to what extend does an animal suffer while slaughtered? And how this suffering can be influenced in a positive or negative way?

The Animal isn´t suffering while slaughtered.

pig-vision: Can you understand people who disapprove the act of killing?

The purpose of farm animals is to be slaughtered and eaten.

pig-vision: Do you feel self-fulfillment and joy while killing an animal?

Slaughter is a job and no joy.

pig-vision: If you don´t enjoy it, why do you perform this kind of work?

It´s the economic sector of our enterprise.

pig-vision: How do you feel when killing an animal?

I don´t think about it, otherwise I would not have the guts to do it.

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