Slaughter of X15 – seen from the standpoint of industrial utilisation of animals

It happened last thursday. X15, like his brothers, sisters and other conspecifics, was slaughtered. X15 was transported separately to reduce stress while beging transported. There was also straw to provide some relief for X15; it was the first time in his life, that he felt straw. When he arrived at the slaughterhouse, he was physically examined by the responsible official veterinarian.

Initially X15 didnt want to leave the transport – it seemed as if he didnt want to leave his new toy (straw). After some encouragement he left the transport and went determined into the slaughter room. There the two butchers were already waiting. To pretect the two men and himself X15 was fixated with a rope around his upper jaw. Due to that the captive-bolt pistol can be well targeted. With one shot from the captive-bolt pistol the animal is stunned.

Then one of X15´s hind legs was fixated to draw him up. This happens because its only allowed to stab pigs while hanging; blood has to come out in a flush to provide fastest bleeding. The duration of bleeding lasts from 1,5 mins to 2 mins. After bleeding X15 was freed from his bristles and then the abdomen and the upper part of the body was opened to remove all of the inner organs. Liver, lung and heart as well as kidneys and melt were examined by the veterinarian. After X15 was cutten into halves and spinal cord and brain were removed, a so-called examination of the carcass was conducted; when a report on trichina has been made the meat got a mark to prove its quality.

There are three legal possibilities to stun pigs:

shot with captive-bolt pistol, electric gripper (electric stunning), gas

X15 was, as mentioned, killed via shot from the captive-bolt pistol. Despite the right location of the shot and the correct potency of the round, X15 showed strong reactions of defense afterwards. The usage of a captive-bolt pistol is legal. A lot of times i had to observe such strong defense reactions, when the animal in fact should be stunned That´s why i try to never use this stunning-method.

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