The lives of the Pig-Vision pigs – a review

The Pig-Vision project has observed the lives of two pigs for seven months. Two brothers, whose lives could not have been more different. If you are still wondering exactly what this project is all about, then this article will help you to understand. With this comparative video line-up we want to provide a retrospective overview […]

How we experienced slaughter

The unpleasant cold and dark of an early winter morning await us as we leave the house. It is January 28th 2010 and we are on our way to document X15 on his final parade – to the slaughtering block. With a queasy feeling in our stomachs we get into the car and set off. […]

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Interview with the butcher who killed X15

Last Thursday X15, the pig we accompanied video-taping, was killed. In Austria this happens more than 20.000 times per day, in Germany more than 200.000 times and worldwide it happens the incredible number of 5 million times PER DAY! We were interested in what the particular person feels and thinks by slaughtering and how somebody […]

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X15 is dead

X15 is dead. His death was like his short life: brutal, torturous and grim. A wave of emotions take over if you watch the last images of his life – anger, powerlessness, pain and even shame to live in such a society where everything that has been documented here is accepted as “normal”, as part […]

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Slaughter of X15

The pictures on this video are neither nice nor enjoyable. They depict the slaughter of a pig. One hundred percent legal – one hundred percent “normal”. Every day countless pigs worldwide are killed in this, or even more cruel ways. This pig is X15, the pig that was accompanied by camera and documented for seven […]

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Slaughter of X15 – seen from the standpoint of industrial utilisation of animals

It happened last thursday. X15, like his brothers, sisters and other conspecifics, was slaughtered. X15 was transported separately to reduce stress while beging transported. There was also straw to provide some relief for X15; it was the first time in his life, that he felt straw. When he arrived at the slaughterhouse, he was physically […]

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