Twitter-record on the death of X15

We documented the killing of the feeding pig X15 with cameras; at the same time we tried to communicate an overall impression of the happenings via Twitter. Here we provide the sent messages once again:

06:49 am
In a moment we´ll leave to accompany X15 with cameras on his last path. We´ll keep you updated.

08:34 am
We already took the exit from the highway and almost arrived at the farm, where X15 has been fattened for seven months.

08:41 am
We arrived at the farm. The veterinarian and the butcher (who will undertake the transport by himself) are already here.

08:57 am
Hands and hand movements, used to drive pigs, are loading X15 on a clinger. They shut down the lid and depart.

09:12 am
We follow the transport in direction of the slaughter house. X15 is transported alone in the clinger. There is some straw in the clinger.

09:37 am
Arrival at the slaughter house – X15 is still in the clinger. The two butcher prepare the room, where X15 will be slaughtered.

09:39 am
Is has taken about a minute for the butcher, to get X15 away from the straw. Now X15 is driven and pulled into the slaughtering area.

09:41 am
After the shot with the stud gun X15 was struggling so strongly, that he fell down from the hanger. So the butcher stabbed him to death on the floor.

09:44 am
X15 is death. After about two minutes of death struggle he stopped moving. The processing of his body begins immediately afterwards.

09:52 am
The slaughtering area has been cleaned with water from the blood, which has been everywhere. Now X15s bristles are withdrawn.

09:57 am
In this moment the vital parts are removed from X15s death body. A part of them is hang up, the other part goes to the bristles of X15 as garbage.

10:05 am
Right now X15 has been divided in two parts by saw and axe. Now various parts are cut out of him.

10:09 am
After the two body-halves have been washed, the left-overs of X15 are taken to the cold storage room.

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