X15’s final parade

The final parade of X15 was his journey to the slaughtering block. Experienced hands kill and dismantle what was once his body. And all this only because humans like to eat meat. Habit? Necessity? Or can it be changed? You tell us.

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Jackpot is free to live!

In contrast to X15, who had to die because people want to eat him, Jackpot is allowed to live on in the animal shelter of Schabenreith. Watch an up-to-date video of lucky Jackpot.

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From mast into the truck

Before pigs can be transported and slaughtered afterwards, they have to be chased from the cove, where they have been fattened, to the truck. In this manner it was necessary to „assist“ X15 too.

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Twitter-record on the death of X15

We documented the killing of the feeding pig X15 with cameras; at the same time we tried to communicate an overall impression of the happenings via Twitter. Here we provide the sent messages once again: 06:49 am In a moment we´ll leave to accompany X15 with cameras on his last path. We´ll keep you updated. […]

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X15 gets killed!

Today in the course of the morning, X15 will be killed. You have the possibility to witness everything realtime, because we will report on twitter (you can read it there also without being registered) and facebook promptly. Pictures and the video of the end of X15 we will provide you tomorrow.

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Pneumonia in pig fattening

One of the most common germs leading to diseases of the lung in pigs, is Actinobacillus pleuropneumonie (APP). This germ is widely spread in the world and can mainly be found in countries with intensive pig breeding and fattening. APP is transmitted via air as well as through direct contact. Infection in animals happens by […]

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X15 and his brothers and sisters shortly before slaughtering

We visited X15 once again, before he will be killed in three days. His daily routine in the mast is the same as usual: feeding, chinky floor and no possibility to spend time outside.

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Jackpot is feeling well also in winter!

Even in the snowy, cold winter Jackpot, who by now is seven months old, has a wonderful time! With his 96 kg (his brother X15 will be killed next week with 120 kg and turned into sausage) rollicks outside – and also helps himself with food from the horses once in a while…

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X15 is determined to death

As soon as X15 has gained 120 kg, his time is up. As a fattened pig he will be killed, because he has reached what the meat-industry call the  „slaughter weight“. It will make sausage, ham and schnitzel out of him. From this weight on, for every  kilogramm that X15 gains, the farmer hast o […]

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The week before last

X15, the feeding pig, whose life we were documenting with photo- and video camera since his birth, soon will reach his 120 kg. This weight is the sentence of death for more than three million of feeding pigs every year. This is, because about 120 kg are the regular slaughtering weight, with which pigs will […]

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