The rearing in the view of animal protection

If piglets are in freedom, they are 4 months next to their mother. First abroad the group and afterwards in a group, there exists an intimate connection between mother and children. Piglets learn much from their mother and being social. It is not the same if pigs are kept in an intensive holding. Right after […]

Interview with “Menschen für Tierrechte” (People for Animal Rights)

Robert Kresse of pig-vision interviewed Marion Selig, veterinarian and deputy chairwoman of the association Menschen für Tierrechte (MfT) about pig breeding.

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Swine influenza

In the year 1918 there was a disastrous human influenzal pandemia. At the same time a pig disease with the same symptoms was determined and called „Swine influenza“. Until now this influenza has been discribed on all continents of the world. The first time when the virus H1N1 could be isolated was in the year […]

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In piggery for 5 months

Five months ago X15 has be born and leads now a life millions of other pigs have to live as well. On a chinky floor above their own excrement, with way too little space, no exercise outside and wrong size of the group of pigs. That´s at least how many animal welfare activists see the […]

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