Pig-vision and X15

Our project has arrived at halftime – four months ago X15 and JACKPOT were born, in three months the live of pigs in our society will be over. This is a good chance to make a review, a view to our motivation starting the project and you, the determiners. The theme is very emotional and well-discussed, sometimes we also get reproaches.

Thomas & Campo

Thomas & Campo

The aim of PIG-VISION is, to motivate people to subsist non-violent. Therefore we show the live of ONE SINGLE FARROW, we “exploit” it and gave it to a grace court, where it will live forever. This action was not easy and the transport was stressful, but in the whole we wanted to act in the interest of the animal. The farrow is called JACKPOT.

Furthermore we did not influence any mental state of the animals and we did not take responsibility for any animal. But we DOCUMENTED. The grimace of pig-breeding behind the wall of exploitation could be shown now on the monitors. To dramatize the reality, we gave one anonymous “production unit” a name, X15.

X15 does not belong to us, but to the mast factory, just like all his fellows. And although we got the permission for shooting, X15 is not ours. We may not influence its destiny.

We only want to show, what happens every year, five million times only in Austria, caused by the consumer behaviour of our friends, our relatives. And we will show it to the bitter end.

If anybody wants to blame us for this consequent view of reality, it is like „beating the messenger“, a known reaction on helpless desperation. But it is fully senseless.

In the whole it is also senseless to think about saving X15. Do you think, it would make sense to rescue X15, and one day later we film its fellow X16 or X2501? It seems to be more sensitive to use the educational potential of our campaign while showing it to meat eaters (parents, teachers…). I know that there will not be many people who want to see those films, and most of you are already Vegetarians. But sometimes also meat eaters will watch the films.

We do not want to change the world with PIG-VISION, to collect donations or become famous. We only want to give you another medium to make convincing. More and more people shall be make impossible to say “We did not know that.”.

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