What Cats think about Pigs



Hello, I’m Antonella. For those of you who don’t know: Doris and Harald are under the impression that they are the bosses round here. The pigs think they are (the real pigs, not Doris and Harald!) and even Bruno the donkey sees himself as boss. But it’s not true, any of it: I’m the boss round here!Someone’s just asked me to say a few words about Jackpot, and as I don’t have any pressing engagements right now, it would be my pleasure.

Well, everybody knows the story, and I must say, that little piglet is coming along just fine: bigger, heavier and even nosier than he already was. When he’s out and about (that’s right, I know what’s going on outside as well) you hardly see him because when he’s digging around all that shows is his behind. Let me tell you, that for a cat, that’s not very pleasant, but that’s what pigs are like. He only really comes inside when it’s raining or, of course, to sleep. It’s very amusing to see him curled up in his dog basket with his tartan blanket. Not at all pig-like actually – I hope he doesn’t start barking. At least until now he’s only been grunting, especially when he’s with the other pigs.


Jackpot isn’t allowed to run around where ever he wants yet. Harald says that even though the others like him, there’s the danger that one of them could accidentally step on his paw, excuse me…trotter, and some of them weigh around 300 kg! And the tusks on those boars! If they turned around without looking and Jackpot was in the way, then it would be Jackpot at the vets and Harald and Doris with a nervous breakdown. That’s why, for the moment at least, he’s only allowed to be with the other pigs under supervision. And that’s a sight to see, Jackpot’s eyes nearly pop out of his little head, he sniffs them, climbs around on them, licks them, looks in their ears and even nibbles on them, and they in turn let him! That’s because I brought them up well, I tell you!



As I was doing my inspections last week, Foxy and the wolf were mucking out his box – you should have been there to see it! Running around like mad he was, as Wolf pushed the wheelbarrow and then showing Foxy where to clean next. When she didn’t immediately look, he would shove her with his snout. He takes great care to see that his staff are well trained – he’s learnt that from me. Foxy put fresh straw in the box and straightened out his basket and before you could blink, he had jumped in and settled himself down for a good snooze. Soon he was snoring and grunting like the best of them.

So, if you’ll excuse me now, I must go and do my rounds…

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