Jackpot our cross-country-pig

Different from conventional factory farming Jackpot is able to run over widespread paddocks and green meadows – and thereby demonstrates his cross-country abilities!

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Piglet Jackpot is enjoying the late summer

Many more pictures of Jackpots excursion you can find on our newest Flickr-Album.

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Feed, feed, feed,…

… this is the motto of X15 an the other pigs, which are in the mast already for some days now. The four to five months, which it takes to fatten an average pig in Austria, mean to gain weight from something over 30 kg to about 110 kg.

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The mast in sight of industrial keeping of animals

The last period in life of X15 has began. His weight is about 32 kg and starting from now he is a fattener. Fatteners are pigs which are used for slaughter in the age of 10 weeks up to the slaughter. The difference between open and closed business we will explain in the following. In […]

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X15 transferred from weaning to rearing

After the first three to four weeks with their mother, the pigs stay for two more months in the so called weaning. After that they are transferred to rearing and determined to be carried to the slaughterhouse and finally slaughtered four to five months later.

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The future of pig-vision is unknown.

With collywobbles we write the following words to our readers. And what we have to say hurts quite a bit. The reason is, that we just compared the sub-ordinate targets of the campaign “pig-vision”, which we intended to reach, with the actual results. The outcome is disillusioning and disappointing: reduced numbers of access and decreasing […]

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What Cats think about Pigs

Hello, I’m Antonella. For those of you who don’t know: Doris and Harald are under the impression that they are the bosses round here. The pigs think they are (the real pigs, not Doris and Harald!) and even Bruno the donkey sees himself as boss. But it’s not true, any of it: I’m the boss […]

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The first contact

Jackpot was left to the other adult pigs at Schabenreith for the first time. Here you can watch how he makes friends. Further pictures in this series you can find as usual on Flickr.

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Why Piglets and pigs belong in fields

Piglets and other pigs in Europe live mostly in sheds. And almost always on slatted flooring. There is nothing for them to sniff at, to roll in or to dig up. And it’s exactly these things that pigs want to do! See for yourself!

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