„Many drugs are used in during the weaning“

The scientific consultant of the animal rights network PETA, Dr. Edmund Haferbeck comments on weaning. In the interview we talked about fattening, the different types of animal husbandry and the high usage of drugs in industrialized animal use.

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Good Appetite – Jackpot digs in quite well

As you can see piglet Jackpot quite enjoys his meal. We caught him while eating. In fact the food is tasty. Something entirely different than in the industrial livestock farming, where his brother X15 stays right now.

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One small ball against boredom – life in the pig pen

X15 is now in a pen with his siblings. Piglets are brought here when they are three or four weeks old. They are taken away from their mother and live in a group with no contact to older pigs. They mostly live on slatted floors. Piglets live in these usually bare pens which are, in […]

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Mother and child

A Comic of Nina Georgiev

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Weaning news

Again we visited X15 during the weaning. As you can see he already has grown quite a bit. More pictures you can find in the associated album on Flickr. Connect with our account on Flickr and find out first if there are new pictures online. Become a contact in the network of pig-vision.

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Pig-Vision in interview with PROVIEH

We from Pig-Vision had a conversation with PROVIEH – Verein gegen tierquälerische Massentierhaltung e.V. to obtain an opinion about the theme of a castration without anaesthesia on farrows. Pig-Vision: A short time ago PROVIEH recorded a big success concerning McDonalds and BurgerKing. What was the theme – and which consequences did it take? PROVIEH: „We […]

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Jackpot explores his meadow

When the weather is fine, Jackpot can always be found outside, searching in the meadow for anything edible to dig out.

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Austrian media reports on pig-vision.com

In the last few days we have given two interviews – one for the Kronen newspaper and the other for Hitradio Ö3. The article in the Kronen from 15th August 2009 read as follows: Giant pig on the Linzer Landstraße – Animal campaigners like student Lisa Pfleger (20) from Linz hope that the giant pig […]

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In the sunshine

Jackpot likes to spend sunny days on his meadow, exploring the earth and feeling the warmth of the sun. All the other pictures of this photostream are available on Flickr.

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An interview with the Albert Schweitzer Foundation

Mahi Klosterhalfen tells us about serious animal abuse carried out by the farm “Prignitzer Landschwein GmbH” and gives us his opinion about pig farming generally. (Movie: German only) [Source Castration Footage: http://www.tierschutzvideos.de]

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