The castration without local anesthetics – for livestock industry purposes

X15 and his siblings aged 4 days on Tuesday. The farmer and his wife are preparing for the so called “piglet-service”.
The “piglet service” usually includes the castration of male piglets, injection with an iron-supplement, teeth clipping as well as tail docking.The farmer is allowed to carry out these surgeries himself if the piglets aged less than 7 days, otherwise a vet is required.

Teeth clipping is only allowed in order to prevent the piglets injuring the mothers teats, so it isn’t routine surgery. Teath must stay intact, opening the pulpa can cause bacterial infections. X15 and his siblings are spared with these surgeries.

Only vets are allowed to dock tails and they are supposed to use anaesthetics and painkilling drugs.

After castration they receive an injection behind the ear to supply them with iron. They need iron for the composition of hemoglobin (red blood pigment), myoglobin (red pigment of the muscles) and ferreous enzymes. The increased requirements for iron are due to blood and muscle building in the first few weeks of life.

Now the piglet-service for X15 and his siblings is finished.

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