X11 – This place belongs to me!

X-11 Sounds somehow like a rocket-prototype, that would suit him, but we’ll come to that later. Because we often visit Animal Paradise Schabenreith we were fortunate enough to be there when X-11 explored outside for the first time. This is what it was like: Doris, Harald und Michael picked X-11 up on Monday. On Wednesday […]

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Also X15 has moved – to the farrow-breeding

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Survey: Decide what X11 should be called

As promised, from today you can take part in the decision about the name for X11. We’ve spoken to the people at the sanctuary and they’ve told us that X11 is very active and alert. Therefore, the following five names have been chosen for the short list. You’ve got until Thursday 12.00 to get your […]

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Differences after the separation

People are already asking about X15 and how he is. The following pictures show X15 and how differently the two piglets now live. You’ll be able to watch the next film of X15 next Tuesday You can see all the other pictures of how the two are living in the “after the move” album on […]

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Arrival at Animal Paradise Schabenreith

After yesterday’s film showing X11’s journey, today’s film shows his first few steps in his new home: Animal Paradise Schabenreith. Don’t forget to send us your suggestions for a name for X11. THANK YOU!

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A name for X11

Since yesterday you’ve been able to watch X11’s move from the factory farm to the “Animal Paradise” sanctuary on pig-vision.com. Now that he’s away from the meat industry we can think about a name for our young friend! We would just like to mention that X11 is a boy. These are the suggestions so far: […]

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Piglet X11 moves to the sanctuary

Piglet X11 is moving out of the intensive pig farm today, and into an animal’s paradise! From now on he’ll be free to live as a pig was intended to live. He will be able to make his own decisions and won’t be “used” for any human purposes. The film shows the journey and the […]

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We have bits cut off us…

1. We have bits cut off us…teeth…and… 2. Without teeth we can’t injure each other when we lose our minds 3. But, what good it does, I don’t know, because I end up looking like this anyway A comic by Nina Georgiev

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The piglets are getting more independent

Aged three weeks, X15, X11 and their siblings are drinking from a water dispenser fixed in the wall. They are trying the food from time to time as well . But they still suckle. This piglet is curious about what is being held in the stall and show interest in the camera.

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The grunt-tour has started

On 17th of July we started our grunt-tour, which is able to take place thanks to cooperation between a number of animal advocacy groups, such as, United Creatures and the Association against Animal Factories. Also present – a truly larger-than-life pig. Below the pig, high-tec video-equipment shows videos and music-clips about pigs and vegetarianism. The […]

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