The Fattening

The longest part of a pig’s life is spent just eating and growing. These highly sensitive creatures are unable to do much more in such an environment. Digging up roots, exploring or just wallowing – none of this is possible in modern intensive pig farms. It would in fact be normal behaviour for pigs – […]

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The Slaughter

A pig normally lives for around 10 years, if he or she is allowed to. But the meat industry doesn’t have this much time. Piglets must grow as much as possible within the shortest amount of time. In 7 months a piglet must be fattened to a 110 kg pig. This is through farming methods […]

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The Life

We do not only want to show what life is usually like for a pig in this day and age. We want to take one of these piglets and bring him to a sanctuary – a place where he can join a herd of pigs running free. A place where there is fresh air and […]

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