What pig-vision’s about…

The pig-vision campaign, supported, amongst others by Pamela Anderson, wants to show you what life is typically like for pigs in intensive farming by introducing you to two piglets. Why? Campaigners for animals are always claiming that pigs are treated so badly. On the other hand, the industry claims that conditions are acceptable and meet welfare standards. So who is right?

Decide for yourself! We got the idea to simply document the lives of two little pigs. Life starts out for them both the same, but after a short time with their mother, they are sent on their separate ways. One of the piglets is allowed to live a life of freedom, whereas the other must experience life as an intensively farmed pig. Throughout the campaign we will be giving both the pig farming industry and animal campaigners the opportunity to present their case, so that you can form an opinion based on all the facts. We will be using videos, photos and illustrations to convey what life is like for the two piglets.

In this video Thomas Winger from UNITED CREATURES describes the pig-vision campaign:

At the very top of the Website you will find a timeline that shows you which week the piglets are in.

May we introduce: X 11 and X 15 – that’s what the piglets are called.

Experience intensive farming for yourself– live, and join us on the piglets’ journey.

Take the opportunity to network with us and be among the first to hear the latest news:

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