Pamela Anderson Supports our Campaign

Pamela Anderson und Thomas Winger kurz vor dem Lifeball 2009 in Wien

Pamela Anderson and Thomas Winger just before the Lifeball 2009 in Vienna

This weekend, the Lifeball 2009 took place in Vienna. One of the countless celebrity guests was Pamela Anderson. The US actress is best known for her roll in the Baywatch TV series, but also increasingly for her campaigning on behalf of animals.

As part of her visit, Pamela Anderson spoke with UNITED CREATURES founder Thomas Winger about PIG-VISION, the new pig campaign from UNITED CREATURES.

She was very enthusiastic about the campaign concept, commenting: “Pigs are the farm-animals that I care most about; their suffering in today’s animal factories just breaks my heart“.

Pamela Anderson about pig-vision

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  1. Cassaundra Mccalment says:

    I think Pamela Anderson is gorgeous . She has great style , great looks , a good personality and a hilarious sense of humor. I ENJOY her acting ability as well .

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