The Castration

Animal advocates criticise castration more than any other issue when it comes to the intensive farming of pigs. Why? Because piglets are castrated when they are just a few days old, and in the overwhelming majority of cases, without anaesthetic. This means that their testes are removed whilst they are fully conscious and able to feel the pain. This happens around the world. And laws allow it.

Around 250,000 piglets are castrated without anaesthetic every day in the EU alone.

We want to see what this is like.

Through interviews and contributions from experts, we will also be approaching the question of whether or not there is an alternative.

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One Response to “The Castration”
  1. Mike Ray says:

    Castration is nessasary the alternative is IMPOVST which is a chemical which hinders male hormones in the pig. I do not know about you, but I would rather have less chemicals in my food thank you. We circumsize our human babies. Anaeshsia with swine is inconsistent and often is more harm than good. Do it right and do it fast and the piglet will be fine.

    These animals exsist to be food. Majority of livestock have a good life of eating, pooping and being cleaned up after with a few bad days, sounds not to bad to me.

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