Another month until the birth

Today it is more or less exactly a month until X11 and X15 are due to be born. It is not possible to predict the exact day, but it will be at the end of June. Initially, both piglets will be kept in a breeding unit, which meets Austrian regulations and standards. Then, as soon […]

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Making Pigs Pregnant

Around four months before piglets are to be born, a sow is made pregnant. What a boar used to do is done today by a pig breeder himself. Artificial insemination is done by using sperm from a special breeding unit. This means that the mother of X11 and X15, the two pigs, whose lives we will be […]

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Pamela Anderson Supports our Campaign

This weekend, the Lifeball 2009 took place in Vienna. One of the countless celebrity guests was Pamela Anderson. The US actress is best known for her roll in the Baywatch TV series, but also increasingly for her campaigning on behalf of animals. As part of her visit, Pamela Anderson spoke with UNITED CREATURES founder Thomas Winger about PIG-VISION, the new […]

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What happened so far…

The Pig-Vision campaign has been up and running since 18 May 2009. The following article is an overview of everything that has happened up until now. After reading, you will easily be able to follow the campaign as it unfolds. If you are not sure what the campaign is about, this article will put you […]

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What pig-vision’s about…

The pig-vision campaign, supported, amongst others by Pamela Anderson, wants to show you what life is typically like for pigs in intensive farming by introducing you to two piglets. Why? Campaigners for animals are always claiming that pigs are treated so badly. On the other hand, the industry claims that conditions are acceptable and meet […]

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The “pig-vision Campaign

The “pig-vision” campaign starts today. The campaign is called “pig-vision” because we want to take a closer look at the life of a pig, who, in modern society, is seen, first and foremost as livestock. To find out more about how a pig lives, we will accompany one, let’s call him X15. From his birth, through the different […]

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Film: pig-vision, an introduction

Leading up to the campaign start up, Thomas Winger, founder of Unitied Creatures gives an overview of what to expect. (Only available in German.)

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The Birth

Pig-Vision will be following a pig throughout his life in a typical intensive pig farm. This includes, of course, the birth. Therefore our camera team will be there to film as life begins for a small group of pigs. What is the birth like? And how does a sow actually become pregnant? To find out […]

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The Castration

Animal advocates criticise castration more than any other issue when it comes to the intensive farming of pigs. Why? Because piglets are castrated when they are just a few days old, and in the overwhelming majority of cases, without anaesthetic. This means that their testes are removed whilst they are fully conscious and able to […]

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The Rearing

Piglets spend the first few weeks of their lives with their mother, but she is imprisoned in a so-called “farrowing crate”. This is a kind of cage which is just big enough for her to take a few paces backwards and forwards, whilst turning around is practically impossible. As a result she is unable to […]

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